Full Name:


Date&Place of Birth:

15 June 1964, Kozaklı- Nevşehir, TÜRKİYE

Nationality: TC

Office Contact:

Erciyes University, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering  Department  38039 Kayseri, Melikgazi-Turkey. Tel:+90.0.352 437 49 01 (32 053)          e-mail: sahiny@erciyes.edu.tr

Office Hours: 9:00-17:00

Academic Titre&Department:

Assistant Professor, Engineering Faculty, Mechanical Engineering  Department  Erciyes University (Since 1998).

Academic Qualifications:

1998 PhD Robot Control Using Neural Network, Cardiff University

1991 MsC Kobot Kinematics, Erciyes University, Kayseri.

1985 BSc Mechanical Engineering,  Manufacturing Science, Erciyes University , Kayseri.

Academic Interests:

System Dynamics and Control, robotic Systems, Artificial Neural Network and Vibration Control of Mechanical Systems




As a lecturer, I have had responsibility for teaching and demonstrating a range of undergraduate courses, such as Control of Dynamic Systems, Robot Technology, Vibration Analysis of Mechanical Systems for third year students. Material Handling; cranes, elevators, lifts for fourth year students. Neural Network applications on Mechanical Systems for Msc students.  Modelling and Control of Dynamic systems. for Msc and Postgraduate students.

Administrative Position:

A member of coordinators comity and assistant of first year medical student coordinator.


1996- 1998 : IEEE PhD  Student member

1989-.........:  TMMO

sahiny {at} erciyes.edu.tr